maxigas - @ Espana, Catalunia, Barcelona, Calafou, Hackafou - ⌚ 2012-10-12 - 📁 viernes hacking, history, politics, bbs, hacklab, hackerspace, squat, hacktivism
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Evaluating the historical experience of hacklabs & hackerspaces from a political-strategic perspective. Hacklabs are traditionally part of anarchist projects like squats and autonomous spaces, or at least seen by participants as part of the wider popular movement for radical social change. They became part of every major occupation since the 1990s but their number is stagnating if not falling lately. On the other hand the hackerspaces as a movement started much later like the 2000s and started to proliferate like mushrooms in the recent years. They are more clearly focused on technology and innovation with diverse political backgrounds from mostly capitalist to the rare revolutionary. We have to recuperate the history of hacklabs and use it to radicalise this new generation of hackers. At the same time we also have to learn from the new generation and find out how these hackers could escape the ghetto of radical politics, grow exponentially and forge social connections with widely different social groups.